Eliminate Form Spam

JustHumans.com provides webmasters a simple and free solution to the form spam problem. It works by replacing the submit button in forms with a set of pictures. For example, you might see this at the end of a form:

Click the duck to continue:

A human can easily find the duck and submit the form while it would be much more difficult for a computer. As a result, form spam is drastically reduced without being unnecessarily hard on users.

You can see a live example on our contact page.


  • Some Javascript code pasted into your HTML in place of your form's submit button
  • JavaScript support in your user's browsers
  • Cookie support in your user's browsers

What isn't Required?

No server-side scripting is necessary so JustHumans.com works with just about anything such as PHP, ASP, Java, ColdFusion, Perl, and even flat HTML sites that don't have CGI. As long as you have HTML on your website, you can run a JustHumans.com form.

More info is available on our about page.

Get Started Now!

Create a free account and use the form builder to generate some custom code. Then paste that code over the "Submit" button on your website, and you will have a set of verification images to submit your form. That's all!